**没钱的时候, 再两周 尝大闸蟹正是鲜甜

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有一群人,很小群的人,虽然很小群,但是他们对我们来说,比千百万人更有份量,更重要。想来打发下无聊,n feces. Recently,


当我们与他们生活在一起时,明理所当然的成为入幕之宾,自然的久而久之,你的毛细孔便会被这些髒东西,挤得越来越大....越来越大,自然地,痘痘也就愈冒愈多了。nvestigations. Although excrement is a form of human waste, criminal investigation specialists said that it still contains cells from our intestine, from which DNA can be extracted. But cells easily deteriorate in moist excrement, making the extraction difficult.

The police said that 34-year-old Lin’s modus operandi was to cut open the iron sheets of the walls of the factories he broke into. He visited a factory mid-December last year and took more than 10 drill bits and 50 other molds. After putting them on his truck, he went back to the factory to see if there was anything valuable he had missed the first time. According to the police, after the effort and stress of breaking into the factory Lin felt the need to relieve himself so he lowered his pants and produced the evidence.

It is also alleged that in October last year, he broke into another factory and stole as much as 1.5 tons of steel material. When cutting the iron sheet before entering, he wounded himself and left blood stains, which the police analyzed. And in another case in which he is also a suspect, he is alleged to have found time to drink an expensive liquor, leaving his saliva on the bottle. That also became evidence for the police.

After comparing and analyzing the DNA samples, the police found out that the excrement, blood and saliva belonged to the same person, the “factory burglar.” Shulin police department discovered that this suspect is a man who lives in an abandoned kindergarten school bus. With the help of other police stations, they succeeded in capturing him. After being caught, the suspect only admitted to breaking into the factory where he drank the liquor. But when he was presented with the DNA evidence from his excrement, he claimed that although he answered the call of nature in the factory, he hadn’t stolen anything. The police suspect him to be the perpetrator of at least nine other burglaries in the Shulin and Sanshia areas of Taipei County.



春节假期过完前五天,真心实意的团聚时刻过去了,想见不想见的亲戚都见完了,父母子女、兄弟姊妹之间的体己话也说得差不多了,在离家前百无聊赖的最后一两天,除了打麻将混时间。次重聚,独自奋斗、在社会上吃了苦头、开始觉得交友不易,于是对昔日同窗渐渐生出一种经过主观美化了的怀念:彼时的单纯与快乐,共同燃烧过的青春,才是人这一生最宝贵的东西呀~!然后欢天喜地去了、甚至主动发起了同学会,在酒精和老歌的共同作用下,一起温习了昨天、哭红了今天、承诺了明天,套现了童年往事的一点温存,用以鼓励自己未来不会太坏,至少还有这麽多老同学呢。 ....你都坐在角落12号的位置....
. 正确清脸清洁~痘痘不再来


错误 --------- 正确应该是:先洗脸、再洗澡或洗头(随便, 嗯,我是新手

我,黎晴,以楚公司唯一继承人 **男人要有钱,和谁都有缘。e police extracted his DNA and apprehended  the maladroit criminal. The thief,髒污排出。

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